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About E-Stagia

Welcome to E-Stagia, the gateway to exceptional internship opportunities and the meeting point between ambitious students and innovative companies. Our mission is to facilitate the path to a successful career by creating meaningful connections between future professionals and companies seeking promising talent.

Our Commitment to Students

At E-Stagia, we understand the crucial importance of internships in the professional development of students. That’s why we strive to simplify the internship search process, providing students with centralized access to a multitude of internship opportunities relevant to their fields of study.

For companies looking for new talent, E-Stagia offers an effective solution for identifying and recruiting exceptional interns. Our platform simplifies the selection process by presenting relevant student profiles, allowing companies to quickly find qualified and motivated interns.

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Our new fit meter shows you which jobs are most relevant to your skills and interests.

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Our career advice section is full of information to help you identify the right fit.